Greece: (Consumer Protection) New dis...

Greece: (Consumer Protection) New distance selling regulation

The Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83/EU), implemented by virtue of the Joint Ministerial Decision Z1-891/30.08.2013, came into force on 13.06.2014, amending the sections on distance selling and off-premises contracts of the Consumer Protection Law 2251/1994. The newly introduced provisions include a ban on hidden fees (‘cost traps’) and surcharges, a ban on pre-ticked boxes on websites, […]

Greece: (e-Gambling) New regulation f...

Greece: (e-Gambling) New regulation for the commercial communication of the games of chance

TheHellenic Gaming Commission (EEEP) issued the 106/23.05.2014 Decision on commercial communications regarding games of chance (including betting/ e-gambling). According to said rules, commercial communication should inter alia not be addressed to minors (under 18), should not use famous people, should not imply that gambling is an investment, a way to enrichment or a way out […]

Greece: (Telecommunications) 11 EETT’...

Greece: (Telecommunications) 11 EETT’s operations to terminate illegal broadcasts

EETT performed 11 operations to locate and terminate illegal transmissions in the prefectures of Attica, Argolis and Xanthi from March to April 2014. In particular, as part of the flagrant crimes procedure, the Hellenic Police with the assistance of EETT’s technical experts and in the presence of a judicial officer terminated the operation and confiscated […]

Greece: (Telecommunications) EETT lau...

Greece: (Telecommunications) EETT launches a public consultation on the Digital Dividend

The National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) launched a public consultation (May 30th to June 30th 2014) on the licensing process for the granting of the Digital Dividend for the development of mobile broadband (4G, LTE) to the benefit of the market and the consumers. According to the Greek legislation, the public consultation is conducted […]

Primera sanción en España p...

<!--:es-->Primera sanción en España por no informar sobre el uso de cookies<!--:-->

La Agencia Española de Protección de Datos ha impuesto por primera vez una sanción de 3500€ a dos empresas por no informar debidamente del uso de cookies en sus páginas web. La resolución de la Agencia, de 35 páginas, puede descargarse aquí. La Agencia mantiene un criterio estricto en la aplicación de la norma dentro del margen interpretativo que esta […]

<!--:en-->THE FUTURE OF PRIVACY<!--:-->

As soon as the so-called “datagate” scandal has emerged, the press has  finally understood what some practitioners and scholars had already understood: the present legal system meant to protect privacy, at least as we know it in Europe, is not working. In fact, one cannot even say it is in crisis, it just doesn’t work. […]

[Greece] #Privacy DPA Decis...

<!--:en-->[Greece] #Privacy DPA Decision on Google Street View<!--:--><!--:fr-->[Greece] #Privacy DPA Decision on Google Street View<!--:--><!--:es-->[Greece] #Privacy DPA Decision on Google Street View<!--:-->

The Hellenic Data Protection Authority (DPA) published its 136/2013 Decision on Google Street View, based on follow up clarifications and information received by Google Inc., giving the green light for the provision of the service. The service was in 2009 initially blocked by the DPA due to data privacy concerns. According to said Decision, Google […]

Greece: (Privacy and Data Security) P...

Greece: (Privacy and Data Security) Public consultation on Joint Act draft on data safety

The Hellenic Data Protection Authority (DPA) and Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE) launched a consultation on a Joint Act draft on data safety guidelines to be implemented by providers of publicly available electronic communications services or of public communications networks in the context of their data retention obligations imposed by Law 3917/2011 […]


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